Bender Ender 2016

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 3, 2016
Tickets go on sale May 5th, 2016
10th annual Bender Ender Party
We are gearing up for another great night. Get your tickets early.
Diane Bender/Garry Mortier and Paradise Realty will be providing complimentary minivan shuttle service to and from the hall from 530pm to 730pm and from 1030pm to 230am. We will all be enjoying music by a new company this year for both the limo ride and the DJ. “Revolution Entertainment” will provide both this year.
Tickets are $25.00 and includes, dinner, dancing, entertainment, midnight snacks and even a ride home at the end of the night. You can pick up tickets from Diane or Gary.
Reserve seats ahead. Please email Diane for more details.
We look forward to planning a special night for you all.
Paradise Realty