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Propane: If you bought a property with a propane pig or are planning on getting one you will need to contact a service provider to have them monitor your tank and fill as needed.
Blindman Valley – 403 746 2353
NMR – 403-746-2560

Electricity: If you purchased a lot in phase 2 thru 7 you will need to contact a service provider to initiate service to your lot. Tell the agent you have a site id number which you will need to contact me to get this number. Tell that agent the base and socket is there and that Fortis put in the services and inspected so no permit is required. The lot is meter ready.
Epcor – 310 4300
Enmax – 310 2010
Just energy 1-866-587-8674

Insurance: You insurance company will ask the following;

How far is the nearest fire hall: 6kms away in the town of Spruce View(Volunteer fire hall)

What is the postal code. T4G0M3

Are there fire hydrants in the park?: Yes. There are 4 fire hydrants that are hooked to the water distribution system and are supplied by 3″ lines at 60 psi used for filling trucks or low flow directly from the hydrant. There are also 4 standpipes throughout the resort. The Spruce View Fire Department is aware of the locations of the standpipes and hydrants and has practiced on the hydrants. (See image at the top of page for resort hydrant locations)

Some insurance companies ask about electricity: They are usually asking what your panel box is capable of not what comes into the exterior pedestal.  Most are 100amp for park models and cottages.  Ask if you are unsure and we can assist you to confirm. There is 50amp capability in phases 2-6 to the service pedestals but your panel box in your home is what most insurance companies are looking for. In phase 7 there is 100amp and natural gas.

The resort is a bareland condominium which means you own the land(deeded ownership) and we share ownership of the common areas in the park.

Suggestion: If you have purchased a bare lot on the golf course, for resale purposes I recommend that you do not put the bedroom at the back. You want to have the kitchen/living room facing the golf course.
If you have purchased a bare lot or are removing the present development off to put in a park model, we strongly recommend that you put the park model on screw jacks or concrete piling that are also affixed to the park model. We do not recommend just placing the park model on wood blocking. While there is an additional cost for screw jacks/pilings it will not only help the resale value of the property but more importantly it will help to satisfy the banks if you ever wish to put a mortgage on the property. There have been mortgages placed on park models on wood blocking but the bank options are limited.

Water hydrant: You should ask your insurance company if they will insure the hydrant and sewer. If there are any issues with the lines running up to the surface it is the lot owner that would be responsible. We have been told that some insurance companies will insure the hydrant and sewer back up. Not all owners have this coverage but we suggest asking

Water Hydrant Operation

This information was provided to me by the administration office here in the Resort.
Your water hydrant is a very sturdy and reliable piece of equipment. If operated properly it can give many years of trouble-free operation.

To turn the water on :
Close the brass valve on the hydrant discharge pipe (if there is one). Always open and close valves slowly to avoid sudden pressure changes that can damage pipes.
Grasp the pipe and turn it 1/8 turn to the left. (Counterclockwise as you look down at the hydrant)
Press down on the pipe as though you were pushing it into the ground. (It should go down about 4 inches and stop).
Turn the pipe 1/8 turn to the right (this locks it on).
Open the brass valve slowly.
Let the water flow for a few seconds before connecting any hoses. This clears any debris that may have entered the hydrant.

To turn the water off:
Close the brass valve on the hydrant discharge pipe.
Grasp the pipe and turn it 1/8 turn to the left (counter-clockwise).
Pull up on the pipe. (Water pressure may push it up unassisted).
Turn the pipe 1/8 turn to the right to lock it off.
If there is a danger of freezing, follow the instructions for winterizing.

Winterizing Water Hydrants
If you are planning to keep your water on when temperatures are below freezing, ensure that the hydrant is well insulated and a heat tape, or some other reliable heat source, is installed and working. If you are not planning to keep your water on during the cold months, there are a few easy things you can do to prevent hydrant damage from freezing.

Phases 3 through 6 occupants should turn the hydrant fully off then remove the hose from the hydrant. Open any valves that may be attached to the hydrant and listen/feel for air being sucked into the pipe. This means the hydrant is operating properly. Leave the valve open so air can move freely into and out of the pipe. If it drains properly there is no need to use heat tape (the one going into the ground). Flush the hydrant well before you reconnect the hose in the spring.

Phase 1 and 2 occupants should, after closing the hydrant, make sure the hose is disconnected from the hydrant and that any valves are open so water can drain down.
We highly recommend that you turn your hydrant off and remove the hose anytime you are going to be away. This will eliminate any chance of water damage to your RV in the event of freezing or malfunction. When there is a danger of freezing you must also winterize your water lines in your RV or unit.

If you need help or are not sure your hydrant is draining properly, please call me at 403-728-3010. Frozen water lines are messy and expensive.

For RV’s you must have a sealed sewer hose to attach to the sewer lines. You cannot just let your flex hose hang into the sewer lines. It must be sealed. You can purchase these from Canadian Tire(Called a “Sewer coupler”.)

After possession, your lawyer will mail you a copy of the documents and there should be a copy of the title showing the property is in your name. You will need to forward a copy of this to the office at Gleniffer Lake. Fax to Deb at 1 403 728 -3014 or drop a copy off at the admin offices. You can also email it to

Enjoy and welcome to GLENIFFER Lake Resort.




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