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If you’ve ever stayed with us at Gleniffer Lake Resort in one of our many beautiful rental properties, you know that it’s a secret little piece of paradise right in the heart of Alberta, full of gorgeous views and the perfect place to spend a day on the lake with the whole family. We offer wonderful lakeside amenities, including a general store, a fantastic restaurant and a pool, and plenty of activities for the kids. Perhaps you’ve been considering a property here at Gleniffer Lake, maybe you’re already looking! We’re here to give you the details so you don’t miss out on a new listing!


First and foremost, we recommend hopping on to our bulk email list to get the hottest new listings right to your inbox so you don’t miss that picture-perfect property. Though you’ll always be able to find listings, we encourage our sellers to list in the spring. Sign up now and you’ll be the first to know! You can subscribe to our exclusive email list by navigating to our home page and scrolling all the way to the bottom. You’ll find a field in which to enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter right beneath the Paradise Realty logo. This gives you exclusive access to our newsletter as well as the newest listings, classifieds and other exciting news we want to share with our incredible community. Get a little taste of what it’s like to become part of our little Gleniffer Lake community and perhaps find the perfect listing for you and your family!


If you haven’t yet, we also recommend you come stay with us! The chillier weather means there are fewer folks that aren’t residents around, meaning a quiet, peaceful stay away from the cacophony of city life. You can enjoy the marvellous views and spend a day out on the lake in the cool air to reinvigorate yourself. Gleniffer Lake Resort is just as beautiful in the cold months as it is in the summer months and we have plenty of beautiful, comfortable homes to choose from, ranging from full homes to cozy trailers. Whether you plan to bring all the kids or just you and your sweetheart, we’ve got a spot for you. Check out your next home away from home in our unique rental properties!


However you decide to spend your time with us, either permanently, as a snowbird or just for a visit, we can’t wait to have you at Gleniffer Lake Resort and Country Club! Escape the pressures of the city and join us for a cozy, winter-weather adventure out by the lake!