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    Gleniffer Lake Golf & Country Club

    Gleniffer Lake is more than just resale recreational properties and RV lots. We are a resort community with all of the qualities and experiences of a first class facility, right here in Alberta. Whether you own or rent one of our properties, you know you have the privilege of experiencing a community like no other. We have one of the cleanest lakes in Alberta, our 9 hole golf course, fitness facilities, a licensed restaurant, and more.

    Where We Are

    Just 75 minutes from Calgary city limits, or 2 hours from Edmonton

    This beautiful location is just 35 minutes southwest of Red Deer or a short 20 minute drive south of Sylvan Lake. Here, you can find one of the most beautiful recreational spots Alberta has to offer.

    From Calgary

    Take the QE2 north Go west on Hwy 54/Exit 365 (First overpass coming into Innisfail)
    Drive for approximately 25 kms Turn left/south at range road 23(at the red barn)
    Drive 3.5 kms Turn right/west at TWP 360 Drive 4.5 kms
    Turn left/south at range road 30
    Drive 2 kms. Once you see the golf course on the right turn and drive thru the archway into the parking lot.

    From Edmonton

    Take the QE2 south Go west on Hwy 11(Not Hwy 11A)
    Turn left/south onto Hwy 781 and drive to the T-intersection
    Turn right/west onto Hwy 54 Turn left/south onto range road 23(at the red barn) Drive 3.5 kms
    Turn right/west at TWP 360 Drive 4.5 kms
    Turn left/south at range road 30
    Drive 2 kms. Once you see the golf course on the right turn and drive thru the archway into the parking lot.

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    What Do Condo Fees Include?


    At Gleniffer Lake, we want to ensure that all of our friends, visitors, and have a wonderful experience, and that includes ensuring that you have access to the resources you need to enjoy Gleniffer Lake to its fullest. On our website, you can find our classifieds section, a calendar of upcoming events, our recent articles, and much more! Contact our team today to learn more about what Gleniffer Lake has to offer.



    Learn more about Gleniffer Lake from the people who have enjoyed it!

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