About Diane Bender

When my husband and I first came to Gleniffer Lake we were obviously attracted to its many features, and immaculate facilities. It was obvious to us what potential the resort had for future growth, and possible future retirement, so we bought in phase 2 in 2001.
We, like many other here in the resort, live at the lake during the summer months, and go south for part of the winter. I find having all this at my fingertips makes it so convenient. It seems as though other than the short 6 minute drive to Spruce View where there is a grocery store, hardware store, restaurant, liquor store, motel and a post office, we rarely have to drive the vehicle. With 751 lots in this community, most find it easier to get around the resort in their own golf cart. I believe that this Resort will continue to expand into a wonderful community.
I grew up in Calgary and thought it would be a hard adjustment moving to a place so different from the big city. I remember when we were still living in Calgary. We would drive out on Friday afternoon after working all week, and it was amazing that we could feel the stress come off our shoulders the moment we opened the car door. Now I hear other people making the same comments about how wonderful it feels coming up here.
A couple years ago we decided that we would help owners that may not have the time to come up to the lake every weekend. We began property management 2 years ago and have found that the public are happy excited to come up and see the park. Many renters have come out and obviously fell in love with the resort and since purchased a property. The owners of the resort I believe are a big part of what makes this investment a smart investment. Come see us soon. You won’t believe how great it is.
Diane Bender