Is Gleniffer Lake a good lake for water sports?

Lakes in Alberta are hard to find and finding a lake that is centrally located in Alberta and also proven to be a great lake for all water sports, Gleniffer is a diamond in the rough. With sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, water skiing and fishing (one just needs to choose the boat at It provides a great sporting body of water that is not over populated. As this is a deep lake you won’t find weeds like many other lakes in Alberta. There are two main resorts along the shoreline of Gleniffer Lake, only one providing year round facilities. What a great place to retire, or a place to bring the family and enjoy all of the activities in the resort. Come and see for yourself. The Alberta environment has placed restrictions on developing within the waters edge which will help keep boat traffic to a minimum. Gleniffer Lake is a river fed lake and provides drinking water downstream to communities like Red Deer, Innisfail and Drumheller. This of course makes this lake very special. Alberta environment keeps very close watch as they want to ensure the water stays clean.