Lake properties in Alberta

According to Wikipedia there are over 75 lakes in Alberta. Are you surprised? I was too. While there are many lakes in Alberta, there are very few recreation lakes and even less that have communities developed around them. Alberta lake properties have proven to be a very hot commodity. It is a great long term investment that you can enjoy now. There is not a great number of lakes that you can really say is a “great lake for boating in Alberta”. BC lakes have always been the desired option. Gleniffer Lake can provide you with a recreational property you can enjoy year round. The best feature I find is that this is one of the closest lakes to Calgary. I am noticing more people from Edmonton this last year. I have heard from residents that Edmonton does have a lot of lakes around it, but not in comparison to Gleniffer Lake.
Camping in Alberta is not easy to find. So why not rent a property here at Glenifer? Once your here you will likely consider owning the land instead. You will enjoy every weekend, or every day. There are places to camp within the park. As an owner you can rent your lot out if you are not using it. Check out the rentals available and come try it before you buy. The thing I remember about camping is the long process of setting up and packing up to leave. If you own your land, come set up and stay set up. This is not a traditional campground, you simply must come see for yourself. While there are RV’s in the park, there is a growing number of park models and full sized cottages. I have noticed more permanent residents each year. If come and see the resort you will easily see how great it would be to live here.
I have always loved the pride of ownership that is quite evident in the park. This retirement community is a prime Alberta resort. Snow birds enjoy a similar feel to properties in Yuma. We are a gated community, a golfing community, and definitely a great boating community.