When making a property investment, you not only have to consider your own financial portfolio but also the health of the economy. Fortunately, a weak Canadian dollar might not be a conversation stopper, especially when that conversation turns to dreams of owning some lakefront property or a weekend getaway. There are numerous reasons why investing in Canadian realty during an economic slump is actually a smart decision.

A Penny Spent Locally is a Penny Improved

The Canadian penny may be a distant copper-coated memory, but the Canadian dollar is still here, and it needs our help. Buying property locally isn’t just making an excellent investment for yourself, it’s also investing in the Canadian economy, which is just being a good neighbour. The Canadian economy gains power when people buy and sell products and services within Canada. By spending your hard-earned loonies at home, you help to keep money in our economy which aids in its recovery. That means not only will your real-estate purchase help the economy, but every time you purchase gas or snacks for the drive instead of flying to the States, you’ll be helping some more.

Home That Isn’t Far from Home.

Long-distance travel isn’t just fodder for stand-up comedy; it’s expensive, it emits tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, there are people’s kids crying, and people complaining about your crying kids. By getting a weekend getaway in your home country, you can get away from all that noise, and the money you save can be pumped right back into the Canadian economy. Gleniffer Lake is two hours away or less from Alberta’s largest cities, so you’ll never complain that your weekend is already over by the time you fly out. Instead, you can take the hours you would have wasted sitting in an airport, and spend them boating, golfing, basketballing, and beach volleyball tossing.

Taking advantage of the Canadian dollar may sound like you aren’t doing your local currency any favours, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every purchase in Canada helps Canada. Besides helping to grow the economy, buying your perfect weekend getaway at Gleniffer Lake reduces both your travel times and expenses. Don’t be scared of a bargain, Gleniffer Lake is the perfect vacation spot.


Gleniffer Lake: A Vacation Home that Couldn’t be More Heavenly

Owning a home by the water is a dream almost anyone can identify with, even if it’s only for a summer excursion or a rare respite from city life. And owning waterside property shouldn’t be an impossible dream. Gleniffer Lake is only 90 minutes from Calgary, meaning you can cut back on travel and enjoy it any (and every!) weekend of your choosing. No more telling your friends vague, noncommittal plans about how you’re just “waiting for a chance” to visit your property. With a recreational summer home this close, you can take your pals with you!

Reacquaint Yourself with Water

It’s hard to overstress the therapeutic effects of boating. When the lake is your road, there’s no merging, no traffic, some signaling, and no worries. It’s a great bonding opportunity for families and friends alike, whether you’re learning to waterski or just enjoying the gentle breeze and still waters. There are skills to learn and master, and stress to forget. Bordering the beautiful Gleniffer Lake is 5000 feet of shoreline for the beachcomber and sandcastle engineer in all of us. Finally, we don’t want to brag or anything, but our lake regularly reaches a balmy 75°F (aka 24°C) during the summer.

No Algae, No Problem

The only thing Gleniffer Lake doesn’t have? Blue-green algae. The presence of wastewater is a good enough reason for most people not to take a dip in many other Alberta lakes, but water runoff isn’t just gross; it can also lead to blue-green algae blooms. These nasty floating fortresses look like moss and smell like garbage. To make matters worse, people can have ill reactions to a variety of algae including blue-green. Not all algae of this colour produce toxins, but unfortunately, you can’t tell that just by looking. Better safe than a sore throat and some bad skin irritation. It goes without saying that contaminated lake water is also not safe to drink, but it’s not any better for you after it’s been boiled. Kids, especially the aspiring deep-sea divers among them, are likely to get the worst of it, as this algae can get in their eyes and throats if accidentally swallowed.

At Paradise Realty, we understand that Albertans investing in waterfront property want to actually use the lake. That’s why if you’re buying land at Gleniffer Lake, you can forget everything you just learned about algae. Our lake is crystal clear and safe for swimming!


Located in the heart of central Alberta, Gleniffer Lake is easily within driving distance of whichever city you hail from for a weekend retreat. Living in Edmonton? You’re 2 hours away! Calgary? 75 minutes! And you’re just a proverbial hop, skip and a jump from Red Deer (though driving might be faster). Within the resort itself you’ll have access to a challenging nine-hole golf course and putting green; an indoor pool and fitness facilities; two playgrounds; a baseball diamond; and tennis, basketball, and—of course—beach volleyball courts.

If you’re looking for a local vacation property that’s a car ride instead of a flight away, look no further than Gleniffer Lake. It’s large, luxurious, and clean of gunk and goop like algae. At the end of your weekend holiday of boating, swimming, or tanning on the beach, look forward to being home without the security check.