Your humble guide to lakeside paradise.

Realtor of the Month – Diane Bender
Your humble guide to lakeside paradise
By Pepper Rodriguez
Lazy sunsets walking along a sandy shoreline with a light lakeside breeze at your back, life at Gleniffer Lake is as carefree as any. But for Diane Bender what is more fulfilling than living here is helping others find this paradise.
If you lived in paradise, what would you do? If you were Diane Bender you would be helping people get their own slice of heaven.
This 20-year veteran realtor has established a name in the recreational property market, specializing in the Gleniffer Lake area. In fact, she has become its biggest cheerleader as her Paradise Realty team helps spread the word of this resorts amazing natural beauty.
When I came to Gleniffer Lake in 2001, my reasons for coming were like everyone else: To relax and come to a place away from the city, she tells Real Estate Guide.
But if seems fate had other plans for her. She says she actually planned to retire from the real estate sales game when she came to Gleniffer Lake but she decided to help out some friends living in the area who wanted to sell. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.
Just last year I got my Broker license and started my own company called Paradise Realty. Now I live here full time, and strive to provide the best service I can to this wonderful little community, she adds.
And when you get the chance to see Gleniffer Lake for the first time, you wouldn’t blame her for staying here either.
Gleniffer Lake is part of the Dickson Dam project which was created in 1983, when the Alberta Government dammed the Red Deer River, which essentially turned the local farmland into lakefront property.
The lake is approximately seven miles long, a mile and a half wide, and carries a variety of fish. The Resort in which resale lots are available is situated on over 200 acres, located right on the north shorelines of the lake.
Gleniffer Lake is just 90 minutes away from Calgary, two hours from Edmonton and 35 minutes from Red Deer. Not only is its central location very convenient, but also the fun you can have in the water here is just endless. Boating, swimming, fishing and all sorts of water sports are more enjoyable here it seems — Diane certainly thinks so.
I think what sets Gleniffer Lake apart from lakes like Sylvan, is that it gives you the same water sports, but it is a very clean lake that is over 80 ft deep in the main riverbed. There is a boat launch within the resort, and there is no fee for launching. We are definitely a strong growing community, but still not overpopulated.
This unswerving dedication to the community and the need to let others know about the good life it can offer has certainly been Diane’s key to success.
My advantage over competitors is my eagerness to promote this community for what it is: A friendly place, where everyone can smile and say hello to a neighbor, and feel comfortable waiving to everyone that drives by, whether you know them or not, she says.
Diane also hosts several events throughout the year, not only to continue to build her business, but to give something back to the community that has supported her. For me, it is not all about an income; it is about friendship, and trust, and of course, giving everyone a chance to own a little piece of Paradise.