June 2018

Rent a Property at Gleniffer Lake for Your Summer Vacation!

Now that summer has finally shown it’s warm, smiling face, it’s time to start thinking about those summer time vacations. When we think vacation, many of us immediately picture beachside relaxation. We Albertans may not have immediate access to the ocean, but the well kept lakes within our province are the next best thing. Gleniffer Lake is one such lake, and it lives up to the expectation of a relaxing beachside experience! If lounging on a beach is what you consider the optimal summer vacation, why not choose Gleniffer Lake for your family’s next vacation hotspot?
Whether you’re taking the kids and the dog out for a week of lakefront fun or you simply need a weekend getaway, Gleniffer Lake is the place for you. With 12 properties to choose from and so much to do onsite, there’s something here for everyone. The lake is clean, crisp, and perfect for all your favourite beach activities, including sandcastle construction, swimming, and water fights with the kids. If boating or sailing is a hobby of yours, we’ve got you covered — Gleniffer Lake offers boat dock rentals and sales!
Once you’ve tired of water related endeavors, visit the restaurant in our community center that backs directly onto the lake. It promises a beautiful view for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you need snacks or marshmallows for later, our general store is stocked with DVD rentals, a variety of goodies for the kids, and the Foothills Creamery Ice Cream. Depending on your rental site, those marshmallows will come in handy when you get the fire started for smores! And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our golf enthusiasts. Gleniffer Lake also has putting greens and a challenging 9 hole golf course that is sure to please golfers at any level. If baseball is more your thing, the baseball diamond is home to Saturday morning baseball games that you’re welcome to take part in.
All of this is closer than you think; Red Deer is only a 35 minute drive away, Calgary a 75 minute commute, and Edmonton is just a 2 hour road trip! Don’t waste your time and money on gas when luxury is so close to home.
Regardless of how you like to spend your vacations, whether lounging on the beach with your favourite book or participating in one of the many team activities we host here onsite, you will find something that will make this a summer getaway to remember. Not only is Gleniffer Lake the perfect place to bring the whole family, but the community is also pet friendly and we welcome your pups and kittens. For your next summer adventure, book with us!


Why Choose Gleniffer Lake as Your Home Away from Home

Summer came very quickly for us this year — not that we’re complaining! This means there’s more time to spend in the sunshine with family and friends! The warm weather calls for BBQs, patio parties and beach days. All of that and more can happen on Gleniffer Lake. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a summer home, or even a permanent home, consider the advantages of Gleniffer Lake!
Just a short jaunt from Calgary and Edmonton, Gleniffer Lake is a beautiful, gated community that sits right on the water. Whether you’re retiring or looking for a vacation home, the gorgeous properties are too picturesque for words to really do them justice. There are so many possibilities with both lakefront and inland properties, it just depends how much you love the water!
Did we mention the amenities? The lake itself boasts 5,000 feet of shoreline and beach and the site has its very own community center! The restaurant within the center backs out onto the lake, offering an incredible view for your meals no matter the season. The water is clean and clear which means boating, swimming, and sailing are a must. But if you love the view of the lake more than you love swimming in it, there are other options. With outdoor pools for your summer fun, indoor pools for the winter, and a hot tub all the time, going for a dip is easy! There are tons of other ways to keep busy, including a baseball diamond, a game room, playgrounds, and fitness facilities. The site is pet friendly and long walks with them are encouraged. It’s also perfectly acceptable to zip around in a golf cart to get you from one activity to the next!
The Gleniffer Lake community is a friendly one, and if you’ve been considering a home away from home, you won’t have to look much further than us. Not only do the amenities speak for themselves, but the people who rent and own properties along the lake know how important it is to take a break from the hubbub of city life. Take a peek at our properties here and let us help you find your new home!


Recreational Real Estate as an Investment

Owning a beautiful piece of property away from the city feels pretty fantastic. It provides you a home away from the hustle and bustle and loud car alarms of city life and instead offers a quiet, relaxing moment to yourself and your loved ones. With the economy the way it is and has been, however, investing in recreational real estate might seem like a laughable idea. Summer homes and lake houses are the iconic vision of the idyllic family refuge, but don’t think for a second that these are completely sound financial investments.  This being said, there will always be a demand for vacations with the kids and once the kids are grown, that vacation space might well become your retirement home. So if you love the lifestyle and you know this is a decision that will not only be an investment for your future but also your wellbeing, consider these few things when planning to purchase a piece of recreational real estate.

Location, Location, Location

If buying realty that is strictly for pleasure and relaxation is something you have your heart set on, the first question you need to ask yourself is “what kind of lifestyle speaks to me the loudest?” When we think “summer home,” many of us envision a lake home or a quaint little cabin in the woods. These kinds of vacation homes are often a long commute away from our lives. But a lake cabin with topnotch amenities might not be as far away as you think. Glennifer Lake might seem quaint, and that’s because in a lot of aspects it is, but it’s also a valuable investment for those who appreciate a challenging game of golf, a private beach or a day of boating on the lake. One highlight of this little patch of heaven is it’s also quite close to home in central Alberta, boasting less than a two-hour commute from most major cities. Glennifer Lake holds the atmosphere of quiet family getaways without sacrificing long hours spent in the car or eating into time better spent on relaxation activities.

Value of your property

One thing to also keep in mind is the value of the property you want to purchase.  As wonderful as it would be to buy a mountain top ski resort cabin, is it worth killing yourself and your finances over? Other purchasers offer advice to stay within your economic means without sacrificing that relaxing lifestyle, the biggest piece of advice being don’t stress yourself silly over a piece of property you’re trying to relax at. With all this in mind, purchasing property that is both beautiful while also being economically feasible doesn’t have to be a losing game. The value of a property is what you make of it. Obviously there are some exceptions to this rule, but if the property is taken care of, is surrounding by quality amenities and a community oriented local feel, there aren’t too many ways you can go wrong. Investing in yourself and your children with a good summer lake home is priceless, the memories and adventures had don’t have a price tag.