June 2018

Rent a Property at Gleniffer Lake for Your Summer Vacation!

Now that summer has finally shown it’s warm, smiling face, it’s time to start thinking about those summer time vacations. When we think vacation, many of us immediately picture beachside relaxation. We Albertans may not have immediate access to the ocean, but the well kept lakes within our province are the next best thing. Gleniffer Lake is one such lake, and it lives up to the expectation of a relaxing beachside experience! If lounging on a beach is what you consider the optimal summer vacation, why not choose Gleniffer Lake for your family’s next vacation hotspot?
Whether you’re taking the kids and the dog out for a week of lakefront fun or you simply need a weekend getaway, Gleniffer Lake is the place for you. With 12 properties to choose from and so much to do onsite, there’s something here for everyone. The lake is clean, crisp, and perfect for all your favourite beach activities, including sandcastle construction, swimming, and water fights with the kids. If boating or sailing is a hobby of yours, we’ve got you covered — Gleniffer Lake offers boat dock rentals and sales!
Once you’ve tired of water related endeavors, visit the restaurant in our community center that backs directly onto the lake. It promises a beautiful view for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you need snacks or marshmallows for later, our general store is stocked with DVD rentals, a variety of goodies for the kids, and the Foothills Creamery Ice Cream. Depending on your rental site, those marshmallows will come in handy when you get the fire started for smores! And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our golf enthusiasts. Gleniffer Lake also has putting greens and a challenging 9 hole golf course that is sure to please golfers at any level. If baseball is more your thing, the baseball diamond is home to Saturday morning baseball games that you’re welcome to take part in.
All of this is closer than you think; Red Deer is only a 35 minute drive away, Calgary a 75 minute commute, and Edmonton is just a 2 hour road trip! Don’t waste your time and money on gas when luxury is so close to home.
Regardless of how you like to spend your vacations, whether lounging on the beach with your favourite book or participating in one of the many team activities we host here onsite, you will find something that will make this a summer getaway to remember. Not only is Gleniffer Lake the perfect place to bring the whole family, but the community is also pet friendly and we welcome your pups and kittens. For your next summer adventure, book with us!


Why Choose Gleniffer Lake as Your Home Away from Home

Summer came very quickly for us this year — not that we’re complaining! This means there’s more time to spend in the sunshine with family and friends! The warm weather calls for BBQs, patio parties and beach days. All of that and more can happen on Gleniffer Lake. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a summer home, or even a permanent home, consider the advantages of Gleniffer Lake!
Just a short jaunt from Calgary and Edmonton, Gleniffer Lake is a beautiful, gated community that sits right on the water. Whether you’re retiring or looking for a vacation home, the gorgeous properties are too picturesque for words to really do them justice. There are so many possibilities with both lakefront and inland properties, it just depends how much you love the water!
Did we mention the amenities? The lake itself boasts 5,000 feet of shoreline and beach and the site has its very own community center! The restaurant within the center backs out onto the lake, offering an incredible view for your meals no matter the season. The water is clean and clear which means boating, swimming, and sailing are a must. But if you love the view of the lake more than you love swimming in it, there are other options. With outdoor pools for your summer fun, indoor pools for the winter, and a hot tub all the time, going for a dip is easy! There are tons of other ways to keep busy, including a baseball diamond, a game room, playgrounds, and fitness facilities. The site is pet friendly and long walks with them are encouraged. It’s also perfectly acceptable to zip around in a golf cart to get you from one activity to the next!
The Gleniffer Lake community is a friendly one, and if you’ve been considering a home away from home, you won’t have to look much further than us. Not only do the amenities speak for themselves, but the people who rent and own properties along the lake know how important it is to take a break from the hubbub of city life. Take a peek at our properties here and let us help you find your new home!

August 2016

Talk about all the amenities Gleniffer Lake has to offer

When Albertans ask me about buying a property at Gleniffer Lake and what amenities are available in the area, I feel like I can go on forever. I mean, it’s a gated community with a secure entrance, so everyone in the area is a neighbour or friend. Our roads are paved and effectively cleared of snow all winter long — more than some suburban neighbourhoods can say. We have an on-site manager who is easy to get ahold of and is alway ready to help with any problem large or small. The fact is Gleniffer Lake is one of the best places to live in Alberta — it just makes sense that our community has a lot to offer.
Our Wonderful, Wonderful Lake offers nearly 5000 feet of shoreline and beaches for residents to play in the sand, craft sandcastles, or just relax and read in the sun. As a gate community, our beach is private and for residents and their guests only. The boat launch and dock, as well as individual boat slips are also located in a secured area, so you never have to worry about strangers. Our lake is extremely clean, clear of algae, and ideal for swimming, boating, and all water sports. If you enjoy diving, you’ll enjoy using the diving platform on the beach.

Not Too Close, Not Too Far.

Gleniffer Lake is an easy drive from Alberta’s major cities. Only a quick 35 minutes from Red Deer, our residents and their guests find the 75 minute trip to Calgary or the 2 hour drive from Edmonton very comfortable. And our surrounding are full of useful amenities for our residents to take advantage of. We’re mere minutes from a great little pond that Alberta Fishery stocks with Rainbows. Spruce View, a cozy town also just minute away, has a co-op grocery store, hardware store, post office, restaurants, liquor, and even a motel and fire hall. If you’re in the mood for some truly excellent ice cream, Dickson is also a very quick drive and boasts a wonderful antique Danish museum, a variety of quaint crafts and gifts, and even a friendly Lutheran Church for Sunday Mass if you’d like to attend. But don’t worry about needing to head out for every little thing, the general store at Gleniffer Lake offers Foothills Creamery Ice Cream, basic staples (milk, bread, etc), movie rentals, and assorted goodies and treats.

On-Site Amenities.

If you don’t feel like driving or spending a day at the lake, there are still a ton of options available to you. Our huge community centre has a licensed restaurant that backs onto the lake. And this centre comes equipped with a fitness facility, games room, showers, laundry facility, an indoor hot tub, and both an indoor and outdoor heated pool. All these facilities (except the outdoor pool) are available to residents year round. If you’ve come to Gleniffer Lake to stretch your legs and get some exercise, our challenging full length 9-hole golf course and putting greens may be calling your name. And if golf isn’t your thing, we’re sure that, between our five horseshoe pits; our six outdoor adult fitness machines; our baseball diamond; and our tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, you’ll still find something to do to stay fit and have fun. We also have two playgrounds areas and an off leash field for you to run with your best fur-friend.
When it comes to Gleniffer Lake, I really can go on forever talking (or writing) about how great it is to live here. But don’t take my word for it! Give me a call, and come take a no obligation tour of the area. You may just find your dream home!


Three Reasons Gleniffer Lake is Better than Camping

Whether or not “go outside and play” was a large part of your parents’ vocabulary growing up, many agree that getting back to nature is something to aspire to. Whether it’s to taste the unpolluted air or an excuse to rent an RV, many Albertans will choose to go camping for their next vacation. And while we’re not trying to say the wilderness is overrated, there are better ways to enjoy the great outdoors that don’t involve impugning nature’s pristineness or hanging your food in the trees so that bears don’t eat it. Gleniffer Lake has lots of green spaces and outdoor extracurriculars, so you can go outside and make hay without lugging equipment through the brush. But that’s just the start of it.

Give Nature a Day Off

While camping outdoors might seem like it’s bringing you closer to mother nature, campers also tend to bring mother nature closer to non-biodegradable garbage and general human contamination. Aside from the potentially hazardous impact of unattended or incorrectly extinguished campfires, are the masses of bottles and debris that campers leave behind every year. These recyclables muck up once-clean lakes and clutters the homes of wildlife. And the discarded sleeping bags, tents, and candy wrappers people routinely leave behind? Mother nature could definitely do without. Plus, Gleniffer Lake has a state of the art septic system—what more needs to be said?

The Beaten Path is Paved with Good Intentions

Even conscientious campers who clean up after themselves can have an impact that lasts longer than their trip. Traveling “off the beaten path” might be a nice way to tell someone to try new things, but there’s a reason there are nature paths. When hikers go off course, their presence can contribute to soil erosion and choke the local flora. Even staying on the roads to and from camping sites can blanket local lakes with dust kicked up by cars, which then interfere with salmon and bug reproduction cycles—and if you thought your Nikes were hard on the forest floor, imagine what all-terrain tires can do.

The Great Backdoor

Getting “in tune” with nature doesn’t have to mean getting “away” from modern convenience, and you don’t have to be far from all electronics to enjoy a day in the outdoors. Gleniffer Lake has so much to do that you probably won’t be able to do it all! We have everything from beach volleyball to a 9-hole golf course. There’s an off-leash dog park, and playgrounds for the kids. Do I mention our beautiful lake full of clear, cool water? And it’s clean and free of algae too. Also, when you stay in Gleniffer Lake you won’t need to sleep on the ground, which means you can invite grandma without worrying about her back.
Do yourself a favor and get some fresh air—without placing a strain on Alberta’s forests and wildlife. You can have as much or as little of the amenities of home while still getting some sun. If you want to plan a getaway to Gleniffer Lake, contact me today at 1-888-269-0044!