2022 Blogs

Gleniffer Lake is an Ideal Alternative to Traditional Camping Options

We all crave an escape from our hectic lives and we all want a place to relax and unwind without having to be bombarded with city noises like sirens and traffic. That’s why so many Albertans are avid campers, glampers and RVers. But what if you’re not as enticed by the allure of traditional camping anymore? If you’re seeking the escape and tranquillity of nature but want to ditch the tent, have you thought about coming to stay with us at Gleniffer Lake Resort?


Camping is the perfect way to detach from society and just be in the presence of nature, to spend some uninterrupted time with trees and birds and flowing water. But the actual act of camping isn’t for everyone, we’re quite particular to sleeping in a bed rather than a tent. Try camping in comfort with us by renting one of our adorable little trailers or perhaps you enjoy a bit more space with a full house to access! Either way, we’ve got a place for you to stay with us!


Another upside to staying with us is full access to all our amenities! If you love golfing as much as we do, come try our challenging 9-hole course, along with putting greens and Par3 pitch. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like cooking after a day of golf, The Landing has you covered! The menu doesn’t skimp on taste and the view of the lake makes it a perfect spot to sit back and enjoy. When you’re finished with your meal, you can access the games room or take a dip in the hot tub. We also have indoor and outdoor heated pools for you to relax and soak up some sunshine or perhaps count the shooting stars once evening settles in. In addition to pools and a hot tub, the community center also boasts showers and a fitness facility so you never have to miss a workout. We also have a General Store onsite for when the grandkids need a snack or when you just need some Foothills Ice Cream! 


What brings everyone back time and again is the crystal clear waters of Gleniffer Lake, the perfect spot for sandcastle competitions and lazy days on the sailboat. With nearly 5,000 feet of pristine sandy shoreline, there will always be room for you and your family to set up for a beach day. Our waters are clean, clear and ready for you to dive right in!


Enjoying nature doesn’t have to mean backcountry camping trips with only what you can carry. Come experience the peace and quiet in comfort, plan your summer getaway today in one of our gorgeous rental properties. We can’t wait to have you! 

2022 Blogs

Into Water Sports? An Alberta Getaway Property Might Be Your Solution

If you’re the kind of person who can spend all day on the water engaging in every kind of water activity under the sun, including rafting, sailing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, water skiing or even epic sandcastle building competitions, a lakeside property could be the best place for you to drop anchor! Owning lakeside property in central Alberta means the beach isn’t far from home and it’s easier to bring along the whole family, even the dog! You don’t have to travel out of the province to find the perfect place for all your favourite water sports and aquatic activities, discover the beauty of lakeside properties in central Alberta!


Water sports are a big deal here at Gleniffer Lake Resort and Country Club, that’s why we have boat slips for rent and for sale! For a safe, convenient place to moor your boat, here’s where you can find information on our boat slips, both for sale and for rent. Bring the sailboat and stretch her legs on our clear, clean waters or bring in the little motorboat to take the grandkids out fishing. Whatever you love to do on the water you can do with us! Maybe you love a good personal watercraft race or you love to take the tube out for a spin – Gleniffer Lake is the place to bring your gear. When you need a break from all the fun, come in for a delicious meal at The Landing or grab a snack from the General Store, which is where we keep the ice cream! For added safety, we only use golf carts around the resort to get here and there, which is very enticing for our little visitors! 


If shoreside sports are more your flavour, we have nearly 5,000 feet of gorgeous, sandy shoreline for you and the grandkids to go head to head in the sandcastle building competition of the year! There’s plenty of room to sprawl out in the summer sun and picnic with your sweetheart or go for long walks along the beach, morning, afternoon and night. There’s also ample space for gentle water sports, like canoeing and paddle-boarding. The sunrise is incredible out on the lake if you’re an early bird!


Come for the views, stay for the fun! Lakeside living is made easy here at Gleniffer Lake. With our gorgeous beach and the crystal blue water, it’s hard to imagine ever leaving. If you’d like to book a tour with us and check out the gorgeous properties available, here’s how to get in touch with us! We look forward to introducing you to your new home away from home next to your new aquatic playground!

2021 Blogs

Gleniffer Lake – A Winter Getaway

As the holidays draw closer, the desire to escape the big city bustle grows. If you’re looking for a little slice of heaven to enjoy over this holiday season, Gleniffer Lake Resort and Country Club might just be the perfect destination for you and your family! Consider this your excuse to check out why Gleniffer Lake Resort is the ideal spot to take your kids for a winter wonderland getaway!


The snow has been slow to arrive this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on its way. Why not enjoy the snow with us over at Gleniffer Lake Resort? Besides the excellent location for snowman building contests and perhaps even snow forts, we are delighted to announce that curling and skating will be added once again to our list of outdoor activities this year! With the generous help of Bing Fountain and a group of outstanding volunteers, we are working to continue to enhance our safety protocols and quality ice maintenance. The ice for our winter fun activities wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of these volunteers and Bing Fountain. We are very thankful to have them on board with us to create a perfect winter wonderland for our guests and our residents! 


All our facilities have switched to winter hours, meaning the indoor pool, the fitness room, the games room and the laundry room will be open from 8:30 am to 9 pm. And don’t forget about our hot tub with a view, it might become a staple in your winter getaway with us! Please take full advantage of our games room to pass some time as the snow falls. Perhaps now is the time to finally set that puzzle with the grandkids, teach your nephews how to play chess or play cards with your sweetheart for as long as you’d like. The best part about getting out of the city is the quiet and quality time you can spend with your kids, your grandkids and your spouse.


Because of our close proximity to Alberta’s larger cities, Gleniffer Lake Resort is the choice of many Edmontonians and Calgarians. At just 75 minutes from Calgary city limits and about two hours from Edmonton, it’s easy to see why we’re a favourite for our city-goers. If you’re ready to take a winter getaway out of the city, take a peek at our website for more information about your stay!


Come spend a winter weekend or more with us here at Gleniffer Lake Resort and Country Club! You might find that your love for winter grows while you’re here. Here are a few picture-perfect rental properties that you and your family can cozy into over your winter getaway. Don’t forget to bring your skates!


Three Reasons to Try a “Staycation”

We’ve all heard the term “staycation,” but most people, especially us Albertans, might not consider “staycations” as getaways during the colder, much more bitter months of the year.  Even perhaps in summer, the term staycation might have an unusual ring to it, but when it simply isn’t feasible to fly off each year for a beach side vacation, us prairie folk have to find ways to get resourceful.  When we think vacation, we often associate the word with beaches, sailing, boating, golfing, tennis, maybe even ice cream springs to mind.  What if these kinds of amenities were available close to home?  What if a first class, family oriented, waterfront resort existed just a two-hour drive from Edmonton or an hour and fifteen commute from Calgary?  Lucky for us, the absolutely gorgeous Glennifer Lake Resort does in fact exist and might be our answer to a “staycation!”  If this isn’t reason enough, here are a few more motivations to choose Glennifer Lake as the site of your next adventure.
Let’s face it; plane rides are cramped, uncomfortable, and if you’re truly blessed, the person next to you had something rather garlicky for lunch and you get to spend the next several hours enjoying this.  Not to mention that flights are becoming increasingly more expensive and dealing with the hassle of an airport can be a nightmare, especially with young children.  Skipping the airport without sacrificing your beach time sounds too good to be true, but Glennifer Lake boasts 5,000 feet of beautiful shoreline and with the temperatures being as gloriously hot as they have been for the past several weeks, that 5,000 feet of beach is the perfect place to kick off your sandals and get your tan on.  And the best part about it is you can skip the entire plane ride!
Besides saving on flights, the resort itself is a much more cost effective way to enjoy a handful of vacation days, or even several weeks of leisure time.  Taking away the rather expensive cost and hours spent on travel leaves more wiggle room to book longer “staycations” with your family, and who doesn’t appreciate more quality time with our loved ones?  The properties available to rent with Paradise Realty are well kept and many of them back onto the full length, 9-hole golf course and several rental properties are even beachfront!
If the 3,300-yard 9-hole golf course, which meanders through the entire property, didn’t catch your eye, perhaps the tennis and basketball courts will!  Beach volleyball is also a resort favourite and numerous social events are held in the community, including BBQs, beach parties and an annual golf tournament.  Perhaps water sports are more your thing and Glennifer Lake is the perfect place to play as there is much less traffic on the water as opposed to other lakes in Alberta.  Boating and sailing are popular activities and several boating slips are available for rent.  And if all this still doesn’t seem quite enticing enough, the General Store on the property has a wide variety of ice cream to choose from when the warm weather calls for cold treats.
If a “staycation” is something you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to, maybe Glennifer Lake Resort can welcome you to a home away from home that allows you to cut the vacation travel time, but not the vacation feel.  With so many different activities to choose from, be it boating in the late afternoon with your kids, or lounging by the pool with your girlfriend, book a staycation with Glennifer Lake and experience first class relaxation in Alberta.  What are you waiting for?