2021 Blogs

Gleniffer Lake – A Winter Getaway

As the holidays draw closer, the desire to escape the big city bustle grows. If you’re looking for a little slice of heaven to enjoy over this holiday season, Gleniffer Lake Resort and Country Club might just be the perfect destination for you and your family! Consider this your excuse to check out why Gleniffer Lake Resort is the ideal spot to take your kids for a winter wonderland getaway!


The snow has been slow to arrive this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on its way. Why not enjoy the snow with us over at Gleniffer Lake Resort? Besides the excellent location for snowman building contests and perhaps even snow forts, we are delighted to announce that curling and skating will be added once again to our list of outdoor activities this year! With the generous help of Bing Fountain and a group of outstanding volunteers, we are working to continue to enhance our safety protocols and quality ice maintenance. The ice for our winter fun activities wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of these volunteers and Bing Fountain. We are very thankful to have them on board with us to create a perfect winter wonderland for our guests and our residents! 


All our facilities have switched to winter hours, meaning the indoor pool, the fitness room, the games room and the laundry room will be open from 8:30 am to 9 pm. And don’t forget about our hot tub with a view, it might become a staple in your winter getaway with us! Please take full advantage of our games room to pass some time as the snow falls. Perhaps now is the time to finally set that puzzle with the grandkids, teach your nephews how to play chess or play cards with your sweetheart for as long as you’d like. The best part about getting out of the city is the quiet and quality time you can spend with your kids, your grandkids and your spouse.


Because of our close proximity to Alberta’s larger cities, Gleniffer Lake Resort is the choice of many Edmontonians and Calgarians. At just 75 minutes from Calgary city limits and about two hours from Edmonton, it’s easy to see why we’re a favourite for our city-goers. If you’re ready to take a winter getaway out of the city, take a peek at our website for more information about your stay!


Come spend a winter weekend or more with us here at Gleniffer Lake Resort and Country Club! You might find that your love for winter grows while you’re here. Here are a few picture-perfect rental properties that you and your family can cozy into over your winter getaway. Don’t forget to bring your skates!